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Mixed Recycling – What can really go in the bin?

The future of mixed recycling is in doubt. The problems are two-fold:

  1. Overseas markets particularly in Asia do not want the waste products the UK send for recycling. The challenge is to provide capacity in the UK to recycle the myriad of plastics that the modern-day world produces. In reality aside from the obvious products like PET bottles and quality soft films.
  2. Too many waste producers have taken advantage of limited quality checks on the mixed recycling product leaving the Material Recycling Facility (MRF) with less recyclable product and more waste, that is more expensive to dispose of.

Our message at Clearaway to waste producers is that unless we get the quality right now, mixed recycling will not be a viable disposal option.  It is easier to say what can go in Mixed Recycling, than what cannot. What can only go in is:

  • Paper including shredded paper, newspapers and magazines.
  • Cardboard boxes and sheets.
  • Food containers – washed out and empty.
  • Plastic bottles – washed out and empty.
  • Soft films – polythene, clean and free from contaminants and not in large rolls.
  • Aluminium / Tin Cans – washed out and empty.
  • Any of the above if collected in bags, they must be clear bags.

Should you have any questions or would benefit from a site visit, please do not hesitate to contact Clearaway at Mixed Recycling Only No Black Bags